5 Important Reasons To Backup Your Website

Backing up your website is like insuring your car. It protects your assets and gives you peace of mind. If you spend hours and hours pouring your time and energy into a website, it is a good practice to ensure that your hard work has been backed up on to another device. Simple things like backing up can be easily overlooked, regardless of how organised and diligent you may be.


Safety beyond just your Hosting Services

Although your hosting provider may be performing backups, the odds of them having the most recent version of your website is slim to none. The necessity to have an additional safety net is real, especially if you are operating an e-commerce store. You’re going to need your website up and running quickly if anything happens.


Evolution makes the original version unusable

Your original version of the website, especially if you have built it yourself, will become dated. If you are constantly updating your data, information and writing style the original form of the website will become unrecognisable. This is a natural and a good progression. Your website is evolving and growing at a rate that you cannot personally track so you cannot expect your original build to stand up to the current live site.

In the event that you are performing software updates regularly it is important that you have the most recent software in your back-ups. Your backups should be a regular occurrence to ensure that it reflects the live site that customers are currently seeing.


Recovery from a Hacks needs to happen ASAP

Hacking may be something you only hear about in spy movies and cyber-crime novels but the truth is, it happens more than you can even imagine. Often there is no reason or rhyme to hacking and so you shouldn’t assume that you are immune to it. Additionally, most companies that are hacked end up going bankrupt within a few years of the first breach.

In the event that you have been hacked, you will most certainly want to return your website to the latest possible version. Your live website will be corrupt and the best bet is to delete every part of the software and completely replace it with your latest backup.


Sleep with ease

Peace of mind is an important thing when you’re being an efficient, high performing professional. Placing back up plans, recovery strategies and risk management action plans allows you to go to sleep and get your rest so you may work more efficiently.


Reduce upgrade complications

The last and most important aspect that an up to date back-up can ensure is that any upgrade mishaps or faults can be undone. Your software needs to age with the times. This includes patches, upgrades and bug fixes on a regular basis. Sometimes, there are glitches that occur. Whether they are incompatibility issues, bugs in software or any of a number of possible mishaps, your best course of action is to revert to the latest version of your website.

Bottom line, back up your website and protect your hard work  .




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