How To Access Websites Without Internet On Your Mobile

You must have encountered scenarios, where you have slow internet connectivity that kills lots of your time to load web pages properly? In order to relieve from this problem, there are few ways  that let’s you read it offline.

access web without internet


The following apps, let’s you download the complete website and browse them later even without  an active  internet connection. Below are the steps that makes you browse offline.

Offline Browser


  •  Download and Install “Offline Browser” from Play Store & it’s a free app too.
  •  Now tap on the Add Symbol to add the link.
  •  Once you enter the link of the web page, give a title and then tap on the “Download” button.
  •  Once the download is complete, you will find the web page saved as per the title was given by you.
  •  Now turn Off your mobile data or Wifi and check it.


Google Chrome

google chrome


  •  Install “Google Chrome” on your mobile phone.
  •  Open the browser and go to the page which you want to download.
  •  Now long press on the link and then choose “Download Link” option.
  •  Once it gets downloaded tap on the link to open the web page.


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