How To Bypass Passcode On Latest iOS 10 Easily

The vulnerability that allows anyone to bypass the Passcode Lock screen still exists in iOS 10.3.2 and the 10.3.3 beta to iOS 8

Messages, Contacts, Photos can be easily accessed in a short period of time. This method is also useful if you have forgotten your passcode or if you want to play around with your friends by gaining access to their private data which is not really recommended.

If you have forgotten your passcode and want to easily bypass the passcode then this method is for you. This loophole involves Siri and Voiceover feature.

Let’s figure it about how it works

Passcode Bypass for iOS 10.3.2 to iOS 8.0

  • To start with this method you need the phone number of the iPhone , if the phone is not yours and you don’t  know the phone number then Siri comes in work, you can ask Siri “who am I ?”. The iPhone’s virtual assistant will show the phone number.
  • Now call the iPhone that you want to access from another smartphone. When the incoming call appears on the screen, click the ” Message” button then “custom” in the menu.
  • Now you can activate Siri and after activating you can ask Siri to “turn on VoiceOver”. Once Siri turned on the Voiceover, press the home button to go back to the message. Now double tap the address field and keep your finger on the address field, quickly tap on the keyboard with your another finger and you will notice a frame around the address field with icons next to the input box if you have done it correctly otherwise don’t lose patience and keep tapping!!. After successfully passing the previous part , activate the Siri again and ask her to ” turn off voice over.
  • Tap any letter on the keyboard you will get to see a list of all the contacts starting with the letter you tapped. You can easily gain information about any contact you want, you can take a closer look and can access photos, messages, and other useful data.

How To Gain Access To The Camera Roll

To see all the photos in the camera roll of that iPhone tap “create new contact” and choose “add photo”. Boom!!
you’re in the camera roll and you can scroll to look through all the pictures.

How To Read Messages and Post To Facebook

You can trick Siri to read unread text messages and post to Facebook-a major privacy issue and you can still bypass the lock screen through this method.
To do it, again prompt Siri to wake up using a finger not associated with the phone’s authentication. Then say, “Read messages,” and Siri will read any unread text messages from the lock screen. Or say, “Post to Facebook,” and Siri will ask you what you want to post to Facebook.

iOS 10 passcode bypassiOS 10 siri Bypass passcode



While we wait for Apple to secure this loophole, the best alternate option to secure from this is to disable Siri from the lock screen. You can do this by opening up your iPhone settings and go to “Touch ID & Passcode”, then enter your passcode now you can scroll down in the “Allow Access When Locked” and look for Siri once you find it just simply turn it off. By doing this one can easily stay protected from unauthorized access to the private data.

Disable siri iOS 10 passcode bypass

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